Janta College Affiliated to M.D. University, Rohtak

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      1. Each notice of college will be displayed on the Notice Board . It is the duty of each student to keep himself informed of such notices.

2. It is expected from all students to maintain good conduct and discipline in the class, library, play grounds and at all functions organized in the College.

3. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the college campus. Strict disciplinary action shall be taken against defaulters.

4. If a student directly or indirectly takes part in any agitation or incites others or holds unauthorized meetings or takes part in the activities which in the eyes of the Principal are against college discipline, any kind of punishment can be given to the faulty student.

5. In order to keep the campus clean, students should make use of dustbins.

6. Use of foul-language, damaging/stealing of college property, college furniture, library etc. bringing of radio-transistors etc. in the college are strictly prohibited.

7. If a student wants to meet the Principal for some reason, he should do so during the students' visiting hours.

8. Park the vehicles in parking area.

9. The Rules and regulations given in this prospectus are liable to be changed at any time by the Principal or by the Concerned Authority.

10. In all the matters, decision of the Principal will be the final one.